One of the perennial highlights of ISPI EMEA conferences, the Senior Executive Panel, is scheduled for Saturday, September 27.  Participants at the conference will have the opportunity to hear from and interact with a panel of senior executives with diverse backgrounds in a special two-hour session. During this highlighted event, participants will hear directly from experienced senior executives about the challenges and opportunities facing organizations today, what they see coming and how they plan to prepare for the future, their thoughts on achieving organization results, and how we as performance improvement professionals can potentially contribute to organization results in a meaningful way. Questions to guide this discussion will be created from ideas suggested by conference registrants in advance of the conference. There is also time within the two-hour session for questions and comments directly from session participants.
Alp Er Tunga Ersoy

Alp Er Tunga Ersoy

General Manager, TAV N. Macedonia

Alp Ersoy has spent nearly 17 years in international business, with a focus on airport management and Ground Handling operations.  His work experience has called upon him, over and over, to establish and run business operations in a foreign country, from scratch.

Alp began his career (1999) as Terminal Duty Officer at Ataturk Airport Istanbul International Terminal for TAV in Turkey, responsible for ensuring achievement of established performance levels across all services provided at the airport to client companies and entities within the terminal building.  His responsibilities included identifying and resolving any problems with passenger flow at check-in, passport control and boarding gates, as well as, supervising the activities of all commercial entities.

Still for TAV, in 2005, he was appointed Terminal Operations Manager for the Tbilisi airport, in Georgia, including coordination and administration of all terminal operations.  Identification and prevention of high value potential faults in facilities, that might have an impact on airport services, was an important job result area, in addition to dealing with unforeseen emergency situations.  Further, he took responsibility for continuous improvements in the performance of airport facilities and operations, beginning with assessments to identify skills and knowledge requirements, as well as, expectations, processes, procedures, tools and resources that could be improved.

His performance as Terminal Operations Manager, led to Alp’s nomination to the position of Deputy General Manager of Tbilisi airport from 2007 – 2008.  In that role, he was responsible for the management and administration of all airport services, including Ground Handling Operations, Terminal Operations, Commercial Affairs, security and Aerodrome Services at Tbilisi Airport.  Then, from 2009 – 2016, he served as Deputy General Manager, Airport Operations, for TAV Macedonia, and was named General Manager in 2017. In these roles, Alp has been responsible for both international airports in North Macedonia, Skopje International and Saint Paul the Apostle Ohrid.

His current responsibilities focus on strategic business development and ensuring return on investment in North Macedonian airports, which depend upon building and maintaining long-term effective/supportive relationships with local communities, employees, domestic and international vendors, business partners, and investors, as well as local and national authorities and other government entities.  Alp’s ability to build strong, supportive long-term international and domestic partnerships is one of the fundamental skills that drive his success in the strategic, high-impact role of General Manager, TAV N. Macedonia.

Alp is currently Co-Chair of Matto (Macedonia Turkey Chamber of Commerce) and a Board Member of FIC (Foreign Investor Council), as representative of TAV N. Macedonia.

TAV Airports Holding, founded in Istanbul in 1997 as a joint venture of the Tepe and Akfen Groups, completed construction of the Istanbul Atatürk Airport International Terminal in the short span of two years. TAV’s 10-year story began with the launch of the new International Terminal in 2000. Revealing the modern face of Turkey, the project was the first concrete step in TAV’s success story. In accordance with its corporate targets, TAV underwent restructuring in 2006, organizing its activities as operations and construction under TAV Airports Holding (TAV Airports) and TAV Construction respectively. Today, handling approximately 420 thousand flights and 48 million passengers from 300 airline companies annually through its many subsidiaries, TAV Airports is further strengthening its market position in Turkey, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Middle East and North Africa with decisive steps and successful projects. Striving to provide exceptional service within an integrated structure at airports visited by thousands of people every day–while growing from a local into a global company–TAV Airports has set a goal of serving 100 million passengers within the next ten years.

Angelka Peeva Laurencic

Angelka Peeva Laurencic

Managing Director, ImagePR

The business profile of Angelka Peeva Laurencic covers two segments or specialty areas within the field of communications. The first segment/specialty is in the area of corporate communications, working for some of the most successful companies in the country on creating and implementing marketing and communication campaigns and projects. The second segment/specialty is in the area of political communications, related to designing and implementing political campaigns and communications projects in the country and the region.  

In addition to her professional education in the area of communications, Angelka draws her experience within both segments or specialty areas, from directly practicing them during her nearly three-decade career and from professional engagement in the political and business processes in North Macedonia. Angelka began her career as a professional politician and later became a successful entrepreneur, founder and manager of one of the leading communication management and public relations agencies in North Macedonia – Image PR.

She is one of the frontrunners of public relations and communication management in Macedonia, and insists on a high level of ethics, professionalism and commitment in her profession and broader field of work. She is a pioneer of the establishment of communication management and public relations as a profession in the domestic communication industry.

Angelka is a Professor of Public Relations at the University American College Skopje. She is often invited as a speaker for various public events, panels and debates.

ImagePR is a unique company, with a unique approach.  The founders of Image PR used the experience and reputation they had individually earned in marketing, journalism and other related areas, in order to develop a new profession and to establish the first independent specialized public relations agency in Macedonia.  Today, ImagePR does not use the number of clients they support, as a success measure.  On the contrary, the number of successful long-term stories is their main competitive advantage.  In fact, ImagePR insists on partnership, rather than merely on client/agency relationship. Everyone who believes in this formula is welcomed in the carefully selected group of ImagePR clients, including the fact that before starting to work with a new client, ImagePR must believe in their values.

Dan Timotin

Dan Timotin

General Manager, Pivara Skopje AD

Dan Timotin has been the General Manager of Pivara Skopje AD since March 1, 2019. He comes from Romania and has been building his professional career in the Coca-Cola HBC system since 2011, performing various leadership functions in the finance and sales sectors. In Coca-Cola HBC, he worked as CFO (chief financial officer) for Romania and Moldova, Group Commercial Finance Director, National Key Account Manager and Country Sales Director.

He takes on the position of General Manager from the position of Sales Manager for Romania, where as a result of his leadership, teamwork, focus on customer needs and placing customers first, the company achieved significant sales growth, solidified its market positions and increased consumer satisfaction.

The outstanding results achieved by Dan, performing various management functions in the Coca-Cola HBC system, supplemented by his expertise, initiative and ability to motivate all members of the team to give their maximum, is already contributing to the work environment and performance results at Pivara Skopje under his leadership.  The company is continuing to pursue sustainable development, strengthen its market positions, increase its high level of consumer confidence and satisfaction, as well as, to implement numerous socially responsible projects that are important for the community.

One of Dan’s priorities as General Manager in Pivara Skopje is to identify and develop talent, and to build a corporate culture.  In fact, he believes, “The happier your employees, the more successful your company.” Happy employees are more creative, innovative and dedicated to work, and there is increased potential for high performance. Dan also believes that if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. As General Manager, he is giving support to all employees to improve their productivity, to have a sense of meaning or purpose, to be prosperous, to feel safe, and to have high satisfaction.

Pivara Skopje AD is one of the leading companies in Macedonia, a joint venture between Coca-Cola HBC and Heineken. Its success story started in 1924 and it is a result of tremendous commitment, energy, knowledge, experience and teamwork invested by generations of professionals. Pivara’s broad-ranging success is a result of on-going investment made with a view to present the company’s customers and consumers with the best quality alcohol free beverages and beer. They take great pride in having their brands recognized as top quality brands, both on the domestic and international markets. Pivara is focused to sustainable development in the years to come.

Viktor Mizo

Viktor Mizo

Managing Director, Kostal Macedonia

Viktor Mizo, Managing Director, Kostal Macedonia, part of the German family owned Kostal Group – global leader in design and manufacturing of advanced electronics and mechatronics products for the automotive industry, is also an outside expert for McKinsey on various economic development, FDI and free zone projects around the World.

Mr. Mizo brings to Kostal a record of exceptional leadership and strategic vision, responsible for numerous green-field investment projects by multinational companies that have located their production or service operations in Macedonia as a CEO of the Macedonia Free Zone Authority over a period of six years. Prior to that, he spent five years as CEO of Invest Macedonia, where he played a crucial role in putting Macedonia on the radar of potential investors looking to expand in Europe and was an integral member of the Government’s economic team.

Mr. Mizo co-founded and managed a technology company specialized in digital file distribution for mobile phones in Japan, as well as an internet start-up in the media and entertainment space in London and New York, while managing some of the biggest Global DJ’s. Preceding this, Mr. Mizo was a technology and financial services consultant at McKinsey’s New York office. He began his career as a design engineer at Magna International and was a member of the Technical Leadership Program at General Electric where he worked on locomotive design that culminated in a Black Belt position in the Six Sigma quality initiative.

Mr. Mizo received his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology, graduating summa cum laude. An alumnus of Harvard University, he holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

KOSTAL Automotive Electrical Systems – Mechatronics for people! The dimmed headlights, the rain sensor, the anti-pinch protection system for electric windows, the first automatic emergency braking function based on a mono camera: KOSTAL invented them all. It would be hard to find a car on the road anywhere in the world that didn’t have a single KOSTAL product installed in it.

KOSTAL develops and manufactures innovative, reliable and cost-optimized products for the global automotive industry and is among the top 100 automotive suppliers in the world. With its innovative focus in areas such as electric mobility and new operating concepts, KOSTAL is shaping the future today.

Vasko Kronevski

Vasko Kronevski

Chief Executive Officer, Nextsense

Vasko Kronevski, B.Sc. Degree in Information Technology, has been developing his expertise in digital transformation and ICT business since 1996. He has been General Manager at several different software development companies, and he is CEO and co-founder of Nextsense. Vasko is responsible for shaping the vision, strategy and directly involved in the digital transformation products strategy.

Vasko’s carrier development encounters more than 25 years of professional experience in driving digital transformation processes for prominent enterprises in telecom and finance industry, as well as governmental institutions across Europe and wider. His expertise in envisioning complex ICT solutions for public or government institutions and agencies, has placed Nextsense as a leading company for e-Parliament and e-Government solutions worldwide. Being at the forefront of technology and innovation, he has been engaged as an expert in a number of EU projects for digital transformation, including implementation of eID and online service delivery platforms. Vasko’s strategic vision and vast experience in driving solutions with digital signing components, combined with his commitment to guide companies through digital transformation process, positioned him as an expert for secure, trusted and fully compliant digital signing solutions. 

His vision and dedication to technology driven services has brought Nextsense many international awards, among which Microsoft Partner of the Year. Under his strategic leadership, Nextsense has become a recognizable partner of trust in the SEE region and wider, a company with vision and know-how in generating value for growth for its clients.

Under his leadership Nextsense introduced Digital Signing Suite of products and services and established a distribution and partners network to support the growth and access to new markets.

As a strategist, strong analyst and mediator, Vasko has been a member (past and present) in many distinguished professional bodies: World Information Technology and Service Alliance: Member of Board of WITSA; WITSAGlobal IT Excellence Award 2006 Committee Member; MASIT – Macedonian ICT Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Assembly, President of the Board; Vice President; Steering Committee Coordinator; South East Europe ICT Forum, Private sector board – member of the Board; Member of EBA-European Business Association; EE e-Democracy Conference – Chairman of the organizing board.

Nextsense is specialized in driving complete digital transformation processes and delivering ICT solutions to improve business performance of a wide range of organisations.

Utilizing a leading-edge technology, our products and solutions are also founded on our expertise and experience in building digital solutions for government and renowned enterprises in telecom, finance and other industries across Europe and wider.

Being committed to guiding the companies through the digital transformation process, we assist them in changing the way they do business from paper to digital. We envision and develop complex ICT solutions, enabling them to implement intelligent solutions for automation of their internal and customer-related processes.

From secure, trusted and fully compliant digital solutions for signing, sealing, timestamping, verification, e-delivery and e-documents to tailored e-Parliament and e-Government worldwide – the domain knowledge, tools, techniques and technology enable us to reach opportunities worldwide.

We are recognized as a partner of trust, a company with vision and know-how to create value for our clients. Our vision and commitment to innovation and excellence in the technology marketplace, has brought us many recognitions and awards.

Passion and dedication to work are the keys to our success. Achievements from the past and challenges of the new age empower us to the next level of experience.

Margo Murray

Margo Murray

President & COO - MMHA The Managers’ Mentors, Inc. - USA

Margo has a unique combination of experience in line and staff management, academic work in business and behavioral sciences, and in structuring and managing human performance systems. Her thought leadership is evidenced by the many projects she has managed for public and private sector organizations worldwide, seeing and capitalizing on opportunities and potential, which are daunting to others. Always focused on results, she has added value in partnership with clients on performance improvement processes, utilizing her innovative and also proven models for strategic planning and facilitated mentoring. What Margo values most are results achieved using these strategies to leverage scarce resources for reproductive health leadership in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and with mentoring processes for youth in School-to-Work.

Margo’s custom-designed programs and published articles have won professional awards and White House Recognition for Excellence. They have been translated into Swedish, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, and Arabic, so far. The preeminent researcher, designer and evaluator of facilitated mentoring, Margo’s best-seller book, Beyond the Myths and Magic of Mentoring: How to Facilitate an Effective Mentoring Process, is considered the seminal work on facilitated mentoring.

Margo Murray, MBA, CPT, C-EI, has earned the International Society for Performance Improvement’s (ISPI’s) highest honors – Outstanding Member, Member for Life and the Geary A. Rummler Award for Performance Improvement. She continues to mentor ISPI leaders and to serve on important committees, including as a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) application reviewer and as Advisor to ISPI Bay Area/Boise State Chapter. ISPI is only one of many local, regional, national and international organizations in which Margo holds or has held volunteer leadership roles and through which she continues to pass on the valuable skills and knowledge she has acquired or built, to future generations.

MMHA was founded in 1974 by Margo Murray and is an international team of highly skilled and seasoned professionals dedicate to enhancing the total quality of client organizations’ results and the productivity of self-directed people.

Headquartered in Oakland, California, MMHA has Alliance Partners in Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Oregon and Texas, in the USA, as well as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Ireland, Korea, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Norway, New Zealand and Spain.


Peter Grönberg

Senior Vice President Culture and Leadership
Volvo Group

Gothenburg, 2018

Stina Möller

COO South West Sweden
Espresso House

Gothenburg, 2018

Mladen Pilipovic

Director of Engineering (Tribe Lead)

Gothenburg, 2018

Monica Crusner

Crusner Advokatbyrå

Gothenburg, 2018

Giorgio Ferrandino

General Manager
Sew-Eurodrive Italia

Bologna, 2017

Francesco R. Frieri

General Manager of Resources, Europe, Innovation and Institutions
Emilia-Romagna Regional Government

Bologna, 2017

Oronzo Lucia

Corporate Automation and Control Manager
Fameccanica Group

Bologna, 2017

Mardia Niehaus

Sr. VP, International Carrier Sales & Solutions
Deutsche Telekom

Bonn, 2016

William Bowers

Global Vice President Commercial Sales

Bonn, 2016

Ahmet Hancer

CEO and Founding Partner

Istanbul, 2015

Lingun Langenberg

Managing Director
Korn Ferry – Turkey

Istanbul, 2015

Mumin Kaveci

General Manager

Istanbul, 2015

Robert Grader

General Manager
Warsaw Marriott

Warsaw, 2014

Dorota Dabrowski

Executive Director
American Camber of Commerce, Poland

Warsaw, 2014

Adam Tomczak

Founder and CEO
Xpress Courier

Warsaw, 2014


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