WS3 – How Well Do You Demonstrate the VALUE of Your Performance Improvement Project


Thursday, September 20


13:30 – 17:00, including a 30-minute break


When it comes to supporting a project, decision-makers are often less focused on anticipated project results and more on the value those results generate. Yet proponents often document only results.

Discover how to demonstrate the value to be gained from a performance improvement project (or other initiative). Learn how to create a one-page value generation map (VGM) that incorporates a value ladder and demonstrates how project strengths transform into value generation for the client/organization.

Sylvia Lee has helped various clients develop VGMs in support of projects, strategic plans, transformation initiatives, and more. You will have opportunity to review VGMs from various applications to gain a good understanding of the concept, then begin working on a VGM for your project.


A key performance need of any project is to gain support and/or sponsorship for the project. In this workshop you will:

  • Develop a one-page value generation map (VGM) that clearly presents project/team strengths.
  • Show how those strengths transform into value generation, and
  • That value generation supports client/organizational goals, strategies, and purpose.
  • Explore additional uses of VGMs.

By achieving these objectives, participants will learn how to move from results to the next level of value generation from those results, which combines principles 1 and 3. Principle 2 comes from demonstrating that value at the client and/or whole organization perspective – that is, the whole system. While partnerships are not necessarily embedded in a VGM, they certainly can be and we will explore that in the workshop.


Sylvia Lee

Sylvia Lee

Kieran-Patrick Consulting

I have facilitated development of VGMs with clients in the municipal and provincial government sector and the education sector, as well as with her own departmental and divisional teams as an HR Director. They have ranged from VGMs for project, strategies, and transformational initiatives. I have delivered workshops at numerous conferences, including ISPI and ISPI-EMEA, as well as in my own and client organizations.