WS-B  Connecting Organization Strategy to Business Continuity


Thursday, September 26


08:30 – 11:45, including a 15-minute break


Organizations deal with challenges to their business continuity. To improve efficiency, effectiveness and risk mitigation, organizations must consider the elements relevant to their business ecosystem:
• People
• Content
• Processes
• Technology
Connecting strategy to business continuity and goals, this workshop presents ‘how best practice organizations do it’ and a novel approach to business continuity through a performance improvement lens. We identify the Business Continuity Model Canvas (BCMC), tools and a high-impact business solution.



    John B. Lazar, MA, MCC

    John B. Lazar, MA, MCC

    CEO, John B. Lazar & Associates, Inc.

    John has been an NSPI/ISPI member since 1981, presented at the last five ISPI EMEA conferences and is a current ISPI board member. He coaches/consults to companies about leadership and management practices, communications, organizational change and performance improvement. A Master Certified Coach, John works with leaders and teams, shifting mindsets, developing practices and improving results. He received his Master’s in Clinical Psychology from University of Illinois at Chicago. He is a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan.

    Daniela Robu, MSc, CPT, CRP

    Daniela Robu, MSc, CPT, CRP

    Director, Knowledge Management Infrastructure, Systems Innovation and Programs Alberta Health Services

    Daniela has a Master’s of Science in Biomedical Engineering (U of Calgary), Certification in e-Learning, Adult Learning (U of Calgary), Performance Technology (ISPI, USA),  Return on Investment (ROI Institute, USA) and Executive Leadership Education (U of Calgary, U of Alberta and AHS).  Daniela integrates innovative approaches in her work that aim to solve the current business challenges to increase efficiency and efficacy of core business processes, where knowledge is central to organizational performance.