Pre-conference workshops are extended-length sessions (3 hours) designed to provide participants the opportunity to explore a topic in a deeper and more experiential way through a combination of reflection, discussion and hands-on activities.
Pre-conference workshops allow attendees to acquire or extend their  skills, learn about new trends, innovative ideas and tools, and grow professionally by networking with other professionals in a small team environment.
Pre-conference workshops are scheduled on Thursday morning and afternoon, before the opening of the conference
Pre-conference workshops are not included in conference registration fee and do require an additional fee.

Dr. Roger Addison, Introduction to HPT

Ivan Gjorgjievski & Nenad Dafinchevski, Building Innovating Teams

“As always at EMEA, presenting in Bonn was less about leading a workshop and more about co-exploring a concept.  People from 6 countries and 3 continents bringing their range of ideas and expertise creates a rich pool of learning from which all gain.” Sylvia Lee - Kieran:Patrick Consulting

Workshop Presenter - Past participant, Bonn, 2016

I think the ISPI EMEA Conferences are very unique! Every year I attend the pre-conference workshops as they are very practical and to the point and provide a great variety of performance improvement tools that you can apply later. The concurrent sessions usually give a lot of thinking on how to improve my personal performance.” Felix Shapiro - Project Management Center

Frequent participant, Bonn, 2016