Resource Economy in Performance Improvement Approach







For many years I have been implementing interventions in organizations according to the performance improvement approach, as I understand it. Therefore, over the years I have developed my own intervention method, which is a combination of psychology, process engineering and information systems. In the lecture I will present the concept and a variety of interventions based on the theory.

The participants will be familiar with the open systems theory and how it applies to PI. The open systems theory provides an innovative theoretical framework for understanding organizations and implementing practices from the world of PI. Intervention based on open systems theory to improve human performance improves the effectiveness of the consultation processes and is accepted by the managements of organizations with little resistance.


    Raanan Haas

    Raanan Haas

    CEO and Chief Psychologist, Checkme

    Raanan is a senior social, organizational and vocational psychologist, with more than 30 years of experience. Former Chairman of the Social Division of the Israel Psychological Association, former Chairman of the Publications Committee of the Association of Organizational Consultants.
    Raanan is the owner of consulting firm and software house that combines psychology and technology. The systems he developed, based on his perception of improving performance, are installed in various organizations and are used by the company’s consultants. The company specializes in role design, payroll policy design, candidate screening and tools to improve employee’s performance.