Exploring the future of leadership in organization performance


22 September 2018


13:45 – 14:45


The way we look at organization performance is changing for many reasons: New generations entering the workforce, new disruptive technologies, new forces shaping global and local markets, new challenges faced by private and public organizations to remain competitive and viable, new research about the human brain and behaviors and how they influence collaboration and performance. In this context, an inevitable question is: What does all this mean for leadership? How is leadership evolving? What old paradigms are still useful and what outdated ghosts are haunting from the past? What new paradigms are necessary or perhaps already emerging? In this session we will explore these topics with curiosity looking both at leadership types and historic trends, but also reflecting on own experiences, and venturing to see what role leadership will play and how it might look different in the future.



    Fredrik Wahlberg

    Fredrik Wahlberg

    Management Consultant, YesP

    Fredrik is an experienced management consultant in the public and private sectors. He holds a Masters degree in Leadership and Organizations from the School of Business, Economics and Law – University of Gothenburg, as well as a Master of Science in Political Science. With an interdisciplinary background, Fredrik is devoted to developing organizations where people thrive and perform. In recent years he har placed particular focus in supporting institutions in the public sector, building on the strong principles of trust, sustainability, systemic approach, and value creation through concrete actions and behaviors.

    Fredrik is engaged in multiple academic and professional networks in Sweden and internationally, including ISPI. He is a frequent speaker and presenter and an experienced facilitator. Fredrik joined YesP in 2014 and is responsible for consulting to the public sector.