Leading in a Complex World – What Matters Most?



Friday, September 27, 2019




Millennium 2


We live in a world of increasing complexity which we must be able to navigate well. Effective leadership starts with oneself and then extends to include and engage others. Well-established, reactive mindsets are insufficient to understand and respond effectively to complex contexts.

Self-awareness provides the data we need to regulate our own behaviors if we choose. If we can shift to a self-authoring, creative mindset, we can develop our ability to design our own behaviors. This, in turn, enables both achievement and powerful working relationships.

Research tells us that these shifts are positively correlated to leadership effectiveness and business performance. Discover what shifts are needed and what can be done, by us and our organizations, to accelerate them.


Participants will be able to:

  1. State rationale for accelerating leadership development
  2. Identify reactive tendencies that limit effective leadership
  3. Identify creative competencies that enable effective leadership
  4. Select one creative competency or skill to develop further 


    John B. Lazar, MA, MCC

    John B. Lazar, MA, MCC

    CEO, John B. Lazar & Associates, Inc.

    John has been an NSPI/ISPI member since 1981, presented at the last five ISPI EMEA conferences and is a current ISPI board member. He coaches/consults to companies about leadership and management practices, communications, organizational change and performance improvement. A Master Certified Coach, John works with leaders and teams, shifting mindsets, developing practices and improving results. He received his Master’s in Clinical Psychology from University of Illinois at Chicago. He is a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan.