Learner Readiness for Future Learners


22 September 2018




This 60-minute concurrent session for the Education 4.0 track focuses on the theory to practice of preparing and developing learners to be ready to learn (learner readiness). This is a key 21st Century learning skill. Learner readiness requires more than students to be responsible for preliminary course information before a course begins. It involves students and teachers understanding and practicing how Self-directed Learning prepares students to learn and therefore improve his or her performance. This session covers methods and techniques for how all levels of learners can become more self-directed and therefore perform their best.


  • Identify the characteristic behaviors of self-directed learning
  • Use self-directed learning competencies
  • Plan self-directed learning activities


Catherine Zaranis

Catherine Zaranis

CEO and Founder, Perform-Link LLC

Catherine Zaranis is an award winning Performance Consultant, Instructional Designer and Educator. In 2012, she founded Perform-Link, LLC. Perform-link enables individual and organizational excellence by continuously improving quality, systems and leadership. Catherine has led the re-design of instructional content for over 200+ courses. She teaches EDUC 689 Connecting ISD and HPI at UMBC. She served as President of the ISPI Potomac Chapter, where she was privileged to receive a Chapter of Excellence Award.

Teresa Valais

Teresa Valais

Instructional Designer, American University, Washington D.C

As a learning architect, Teresa Valais combines expertise in adult learning, instructional design, and universal design for learning (UDL) to develop the blueprints for multi-platform learning solutions. Her background includes implementing blended train-the-trainer programs and managing global online training projects. She has coached online training facilitators for over 10 years and published articles in international, peer-reviewed journals on Empowering Learner Autonomy, Emotional Intelligence, and Emotional Presence in Online Learning. Teresa is a member of ISPI Potomac Chapter.