Managing Transformation in Health Sector: Breaking Barriers to Improve Quality of Health Care Service Delivery



Saturday, September 28, 2019




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Challenges in transforming established practices in public service delivery in any sector is not new. Every time we go to a sector,  we start with the following questions: what tools to apply to reflect  right context information, who to work with,  how to design process  to get maximum results in short period of time and possibly with certain human resources and budgetary limitations?

Through years of field work in different countries and in different public sectors, we have learned how important it is to adapt performance improvement tools and processes to local context as well as to development objectives of USAID and other key sector related international and local actors and stakeholders.  This session will share practice based approach of transforming primary health care (PHC) service delivery and changed management practices in Eastern Ukraine health care sector in the context of support to nation-wide health sector reform and adapting international /national models of “Performance Excellence.”


Maia Gogoladze

Maia Gogoladze

Regional Director/Governance Lead; USAID/Democratic Governance East, Ukraine

Maia Gogoladze is a development professional with more than 18 years experience  in USAID funded projects  consulting  and managing public sector  organizational performance improvement and  increasing quality of service delivery. She has been successful designing innovative approaches and adapting “models of excellences”  to various public sectors such as health, education, justice system, agriculture, energy and others to transform organizational  systems of HRM, internal/external communications, management, customer oriented service delivery. She has been establishing cross sectoral /cross regional lesson learned practices and discussion platforms to share cross country practices of   “models of excellences”.  For achieving   results in real time she considers critical start up stages as understanding of local context, building  partnership and engaging  partners and stakeholders  as owners of the process.    

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Felix Shapiro

Felix Shapiro


Felix Shapiro has been working in consulting for more than 18 years now. During this time he has been working on performance improvement through IT systems.  Applied IT solutions in performance improvement for different Institutional systems such as: HRMS, PMES, Financial System and Int & Ext communications. Key to his work is adding value to the client and creating great partnership. Felix has been working with public and private companies during his carrier. He has recently started his own NGO and found that NGO work is very important for improving public sector. He considers an important principle: The client might not be right every time, but the client must enjoy the results.

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