The Q5 Story: How Autoliv, a global organization with 75000 employees in 29 countries worked to establish a high-performing culture of quality



22 September 2018




In the automotive business, the number of recalls are increasing heavily and even putting companies into bankruptcy. This is a story about a Global Automotive Company committed to develop a strong culture of quality. Q5 is the journey which will shape an Autoliv culture leading to zero defects and best value for all customers. In this story I will share how Autoliv designed, managed and implemented this transformation.  I will describe the key drivers/enablers to establish a sustainable culture with focus quality and the success factors in a program of this scale.


Ulf Sjödin

Ulf Sjödin

Partner and Senior Consultant, YesP Consulting

Ulf has been working with global leadership challenges during the past 15 years. Before joining YesP, he worked for Autoliv as an HR Director with global responsibility for leadership development, corporate culture, and change. He has extensive experience implementing structures and tools to enhance and sustain business performance. In recent years Ulf has mainly focused as a strategic and performance consultant to support Autoliv in their ambition to create one Autoliv culture that supports the global and changing environment. Ulf has formal education and long experience as a teacher, trainer and organizational development. He works with diverse, cross-cultural team across the globe, with extensive experience from many European countries, North America, and Asia. Ulf is a skilled presenter and facilitator.  Apart from Sweden he has lived in Germany and Canada and is fluent in English and Swedish.