Title: Journey to Project Management: Certification and Alignment in Higher Education


21 September 2018




During this journey, participants will have an opportunity to learn about challenges
and triumphs encountered through a certification and alignment of project
management principles/requirements in higher education. Applying human
performance technology (Performance Improvement) principles, team members
developed processes to ensure alignment.
Presenters will provide different perspectives when managing the project
requirements. They will describe creation of a job aid. Participants will be invited to
discuss and apply performance improvement concepts to their own academic/work
A case study will illustrate the results after reviewing the alignment of the academic
course related to project management certification and student achievement.
Surveys will exhibit the results from the alignment project and performance results
from students who have completed the exam preparation course.


Nancy Crain Burns, CPT, PhD, PMP

Nancy Crain Burns, CPT, PhD, PMP

President, Crain Burns Associates LLC

As a Certified Performance Technologist, she leads individuals, teams and organizations through strategies, identifying opportunities that achieve effective solutions.

Dr. Burns became a certified Project Management Professional certification while working for General Motors. She taught project management at the university level, served as a registered education provider representative and applied concepts that will be presented. She has presented at several ISPI conferences.

Gabriela Ziegler, PhD, DM-IST, MS

Gabriela Ziegler, PhD, DM-IST, MS

Department Chair, Computer Information Science, Study Abroad Program Director-Costa Rica Organization Davenport University

Gabriela Ziegler, DM-IST, MS is the Department Chair for Computer Information Science at Davenport University. She leads her team through strategies and implements effective solutions fitting the academic environment.

Dr. Ziegler started her career as project manager at PDVSA in systems development. She participated in the development of the BS in Technology Project Management and the MS in Technology Management.  Dr. Ziegler teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses and leads PMI registered education provider accreditation.