The Blueprint for Green Performance Sustainability – achieving real work results



Friday, September 27, 2019




Millennium 2


The world is going green—from activists who want to influence climate change, to those who are yearning for a simpler lifestyle. We are bombarded by green messages at all levels to have a greener lifestyle. What is the impact of going green on how people work and perform in organizations? Green is not only the physical, tangible changes we have to implement to influence global warming and control our carbon emissions, but a renewal of organizational performance practices. There is a fine balance between the external and internal risk indicators contributing to performance sustainability. In this session you will learn about the factors influencing a greener performance approach and strategy, implement frameworks for change through a checklist and implement the action steps for green performance sustainability.


Belia Nel, CPT

Belia Nel, CPT

Founder member of Improvid Performance Consulting, South Africa

Belia is skilled in organisational performance improvement, performance management, talent development and learning including. She is author of academic material in Performance Improvement and Performance Management and contributes regularly to various publications. She is a regular speaker at local and international conferences. She is one of the founder member of ISPI EMEA and has served on the ISPI board of directors.