Lean Performance Improvement: Past, Present & Future



21 September 2018




Lean Thinking has been around for 20 years, introduced as a method of organizing a production facility by increasing value and reducing waste.

Then, Lean became a method of long term vision built on respect for people and continuous improvement. It engages people by creating a climate of trust, supportive leadership and win-win situations.

Nowadays companies are achieving more ambitious objectives with lean. It has actually become a working philosophy, with people using its principles to increase their personal efficiency, become better leaders and create innovation. In the next years it will become a lifestyle for people who want to combine excellent performance with personal wellness and a balanced life.


Koen Lagae

Koen Lagae

Lean Organization Consultant, Freelance and in cooperation with Lenovys

Koen has 20 years of experience as manager in a Japanese company and Lean consultant. “My mission as management consultant in Lean Organization and Performance Improvement is to help organizations to fulfill their potential and to take care of people’s growth and wellness. I focus on the managerial and strategical aspects of Lean.”