2020 Sessions

Thrive in exponential times!



Monday, October 5, 2020


CET 4:00-4:30pm
EST 10:00-10:30am
PT 7:00-7:30am


Much of what will distinguish exceptional performance today depends on mental strength, resilience and courage. The ‘new normal’ is characterised by deep uncertainty, change and disruption, at a rate and pace that is unprecedented – taking humanity into unchartered territory – and calling for new capabilities!
Some BIG questions to reflect on …
─ How do you thrive in this new normal?
─ How do you fortify yourself?
─ How do you diffuse and face fear and uncertainty?
─ How do you steer yourself, your organisation and your loved ones through the eye of the hurricane?

The success of business and society going forward will depend on the resilience and creativity of humans. We need to build systems of creativity, curiosity, connection and empathy in order to lead with heart, trust and collaboration and – most importantly – we need to be comfortable with change. The Performance Hub has cracked a competency framework called The Meta Code – including a behaviour
change blueprint/recipe to reset the mind and expand the skillset, toolset and heart-set needed to THRIVE … and steer one-self, teams and organisations forward in these exponential times.

There are four quintessential human competencies that we lead with, as illustrated below, they are:
─ RESILIENCE … this is about learning, adapting and integrating change in order to ‘bounce’ forward.
─ AUTHENTICITY … you need to lead and manage yourself first, i.e., having a clear sense of who you are, what you can do, where you are going in order to show up and lead from an authentic core.
─ COLLABORATION … building authentic human connections, co-creating and working together to achieve shared goals. Collective intelligence (called the C Factor) trumps individual intelligence.
─ INNOVATION … as the digital revolution continues, imagination, curiosity, executive function and problem solving are going to be critical … this is about thinking in and out of the box


Elusha Jansen

Elusha Jansen

Chief Executive/Owner, The Performance Hub, South Africa

Elusha is the Chief Executive/Owner of The Performance Hub – an organisation with deep roots, boasting a 20+ year track record. Elusha took over the helm at TPH in 2009 and went on to re-purpose,  re-build and re-launch the business – transforming it into the niched performance consultancy it is today. It was Elusha who spearheaded the unique value proposition, proprietary methodologies and thought leadership that TPH is now widely recognised for in the industry.

With a track record spanning more than 20 years, Elusha has an extraordinary depth and breadth of experience in leading, creating, collaboration and co-creating in the learning and development space. During this time, she has completed over 200 design, development and delivery projects across culture, leadership, sales, service, ROI and future fit skills.

Elusha combines her business acumen and people development knowledge and experience to design and deliver solutions that are fully contextualised and practical, and which drive sustained impact. Her approach is grounded in leading/relevant theories and methodologies including brain based learning, social learning, behaviour science, game based learning and gamification, experiential and action based learning, design thinking to mention a few. Elusha’s rapid response to Covid-19 to ensure that learning and engagement continues in a virtual environment is proof of her innovative and creative solutioning.

Equipping organisations with the capabilities they need to thrive and achieve their strategic goals is Elusha’s passion – understanding that a resilient, engaged and creative workforce is the key that can build dependable competitive advantage and drive exponential growth.