How to cultivate trust and ownership in performance improvement: assessing organizational “readiness” and facilitator competencies


22 September 2018


09:00 – 10:00


Even a robust organizational performance improvement tool will fail if it’s poorly adapted to the context or if the organization is not ready. While the nuts and bolts of performance improvement have come along way from the days of one-size-fits all frameworks, there is still much to be learned about how to facilitate a process that builds ownership and leads to sustained change.

IREX and World Learning will share lessons learned, struggles, and successes in assessing organizational “readiness” among partner organizations in diverse contexts and the facilitator competencies that were needed to shepherd the performance improvement process. Participants will have the opportunity to share their own experiences. IREX proposes a concurrent session for participants with a beginner level prerequisite knowledge.


Charles Guedenet

Charles Guedenet

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) technical advisor, IREX

Charles Guedenet has more than eight years of experience in organizational capacity building, in designing tools and methodologies and conducting workshops. At IREX, Charles has co-implemented performance improvement workshops in both Moldova and the West Bank and is actively participating in an internal performance improvement process conducted by a colleague. In 2017, he obtained an “Improving Human Performance” certificate from the Association for Talent Development (atd). Lastly, Charles has experience presenting to similar audiences at the annual American Evaluation Conference (AEA) as a frequent presenter and panelist.