Successes, Failures and Lessons Learned: Two Views from the Trenches


21 September 2018




Are employees equipped to contribute well in complex, emerging work environments? To be efficient and effective, a different mindset and new practices are required to enable an increased ability to execute while learning. Something as ‘simple’ as flexibility will bring a new level of complexity in employees’ work. This will affect the where, when and how work gets done; accessibility of information; and accountability for outcomes.

What might be a prescription for success for the employee of the future? This session will introduce lessons learned from three different projects and their implementation, and will continuously engage the participants to compare/contrast the findings with their experiences. This continuous ideation will help us consolidate themes on how to better design support tools and processes. We will identify trends that can transform how employees interact, collaborate, share knowledge, and connect that to their performance at work.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Identify at least three methods of gathering formative data that can be usefully applied in one’s work situation.
  2. Identify at least three of the shared lessons learned that can be applied and leveraged to accelerate one’s own learning, learning transfer and application.


John B. Lazar, MA, MCC

John B. Lazar, MA, MCC

CEO, John B. Lazar & Associates, Inc.

John is CEO, John B. Lazar & Associates, Inc. John has been an NSPI/ISPI member since 1981 and a consultant and coach since 1983. He is a current member of the ISPI Board of Directors. He consults to companies about performance improvement, leadership and management practices, communications, and organizational change. As an executive coach certified as a Master Coach by ICF since 1999, he works with leaders and their teams, shifting their mindsets, improving their practices and enhancing their performance. He received his Masters in Clinical Psychology from University of Illinois at Chicago. John lives in the Chicago area and is a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan.

Daniela Robu, MSc, CPT, CRP

Daniela Robu, MSc, CPT, CRP

Director, Knowledge Management Infrastructure, Systems Innovation and Programs Alberta Health Services

Daniela has a Master’s of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering (U of Calgary) and Certification in e-Learning, Adult Learning (U of Calgary), Performance Technology (ISPI, USA) and Return of Investment (ROI Institute, USA). Daniela integrates innovative approaches in her work that aim to solve the current business challenges to increase efficiency and efficacy of core business processes, where knowledge is central to organizational performance. Daniela worked and presented on topics related to knowledge management, performance improvement and biomedical engineering for 16 years. Her interest is in finding best ways to excel work relationships in cross-functional teams, deploy user-friendly knowledge management technology, tools and techniques to enable knowledge workers to become more efficient.