2020 Sessions

Why and How to Build a Strengths-Based Organization: Principles, Practices, and Process


Friday, October 2, 2020


CET 6:00-6:30pm
EST 12:00-12:30pm
PT 9:00-9:30am


Research over two decades proves strengths-based approaches to leadership, change, performance, and engagement deliver superior results. An emerging concept is strengths at the systems level – Strengths-Based Organizations (SBOs). Based on her research and corporate experience, learn (i) why SBOs are more likely to achieve success in a world of constant change and turbulence, (ii) the six principles of an SBO that surfaced from the research and that can form the framework for an SBO strategy, and (iii) different strategies for building an SBO. As an intermediate-senior leader, you will have the opportunity to discuss how these principles could apply your organization’s growth. Dr. Lee will also offer a post-conference Zoom call for those interested in learning more.


    Dr. Sylvia Lee

    Dr. Sylvia Lee


    Session based on my doctoral research as well as my experience as a strengths-based leader and in organizational design. Have extensive experience presenting at numerous ISPI-EMEA, ISPI, and other conferences in many countries, live and online. Have written academic and business articles, blogs, and an academic book chapter on the strengths paradigm and strengths-based leadership in organizations and led strengths initiatives in organizations as HR leader.