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What is unique about the ISPI-EMEA Conference?

We at ISPI Europe/EMEA feel that we have established a way to make our conference a unique experience. The challenges and related opportunities currently facing all organizations command the attention of executives concerned with strategic direction, managers focused on ongoing operations, as well as, performance improvement professionals.  You should definitely plan to join us this year, if you value any or all of the following:

  • Dynamic and Performance Focused – A dynamic, learning and sharing environment, where everyone is actively seeking to improve their own, their organization’s or their clients’ performance
  • Client Engagement Centrepiece – The conference is organized around the Open Assist process, through which the opportunity to engage with executives representing an actual client organization, will run throughout the conference
  • Real Life Challenges – The Open Assist experience allows participants to be exposed to performance challenges from real life, but in a safe, supportive environment
  • Purposefully Limited in Size – An event where the number of participants is purposefully limited to ensure a much greater level of interaction and participation than for typical conferences.
  • Proven Value – A highly interactive format with a proven track record of high value for both presenters and participants
  • Relationship Building – A high participation, multinational environment, with participants from San Francisco to Shanghai, which supports relationship and network building, not just an exchange of business cards
  • Open Exchange – An atmosphere that fosters an open exchange of knowledge, experience and innovative ideas in the field of human and organizational performance
  • Special Place to Come Together – A place where all of us can meet and prepare together for the challenges that lie ahead for creating healthy, prosperous organizations and communities.

Only you can contribute your unique perspective!  At ISPI Europe/EMEA, we believe that a conference is more than its programs and presenters.  Our conference participants are every bit as much a part of the total learning experience, as our fabulous presenters.  Our conferences are compelling because of their innovative, active/interactive format.

We invite YOU to become part of our community this year.  Plan to learn, share and grow with ISPI EMEA, this October for the 1st ever ISPI EMEA Virtual Conference.

Carol M. Panza

President, ISPI-EMEA


“I found the conference to be very interactive, insightful and energizing. The caliber of presenters, topics and content was a reflection of the committee’s commitment to raising the performance & knowledge bar in a non-traditional yet very welcoming and experiential way. Thank you once again for the opportunity to be part of your remarkable journey” Sharon Govender - Head Business Alignment & Strategic Change - Standard Bank of South Africa

Keynote Speaker, Göteborg, 2010

“I enjoyed the experience myself – sharing my world and bonding with my fellow panelists. You are a great group of professionals” Dorota Dabrowsky - Executive Director - AmCham Poland

Senior Executive Panelist, Warsaw, 2014

“From the beginning to the end of the program, we both learned and enjoyed at every step …. we witnessed how performance oriented your program is. You and your team’s enthusiasm and also the professional quality of the participants all made the event a real learning experience …  of course, the case proposals will be of great help for us to check up our performance initiatives in a fresh outlook” Fatih Canitez, IETT, Istanbul’s Public Bus Transportation Authority

Open Assist Client, Istanbul, 2015

“I’ve had the privilege of being team leader at the last two Case Study Simulation (now Open Assist) events. Colleagues, often newly met, come together to bring their best collective efforts to formulate a solution to a problem, the client organization’s challenge. As team leader, I try to assure a positive mood and that the needed conversations happen for good results to emerge. It’s a crooked path, satisfying, learning-filled and relationship-rich. Come play!” John B. Lazar - JBL&A

Open Assist Team Leader - Past participant, Bonn, 2016